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Modern, fast,
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Superfast Frontend

Supersites websites are built with Vue.js frontend with small payload, high performance and future proofing. It’s the fastest growing frontend framework and you’re in good company with big tech brands like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google and Adobe using Vue.js in different applications and commercial products.

Headless CMS

Supersites websites use a headless content management system (CMS) architecture, decoupling the database and content from frontend that makes hacking the websites impossible. We have supercharged Directus CMS with our proprietary customizations to give you the most powerful and scalable CMS in the world. You can now easily manage content across websites, eCommerce, apps & software.

Managed Infrastructure

Supersites websites are powered by AWS with 99.99% uptime guarantee and blazing fast website speeds. It also happens to be one of the most secure cloud infrastructures available today. SuperSites websites perform up to 50% faster than average websites with a full page loading under 3 seconds.

We've got you covered. Always improving, always awesome!

Always Improving.

Frequent performance and feature enhancements at no extra cost to you.

Fully Managed.

Never worry about the performance, security or upkeep of the website.

Mobile Friendly.

Perfect user experience across devices (Tablets, Mobile & Computers).

SEO Ready.

Dominate the search engines with best practices technical SEO out of box.

Expertise On Demand.

Chat with us anytime to brainstorm design, content or marketing.

Add-on Services.

Content Writing, SEO, PPC & Social Media expertise to help you succeed.

Why Supersites websites are better?

Supersites is a website as a service (WaaS) unlike DIY websites or page builders. We design, build, manage & support your website for a low all inclusive price.

Supersites websites are exactly what they read and sound like - superpowered websites that are loaded with just the features that your business needs to ride on. Powered by the best and most modern technologies available, albeit at ridiculously low monthly costs, they are miles ahead of the run-off-the-mill DIY websites flooding the website development market today. And that’s exactly what makes our websites so unique, offering great value on your investment.

Fully customizable to fit into your business requirements, it’s extremely easy to set up your first professional website without the need to hire anyone. A flurry of website themes covering every category one can think of means you just need to decide which plan suits your business needs the best and you’re ready to go.

Once you’re set, the performance of our websites just get better as you keep receiving future enhancements and updates whenever they are rolled out. And that’s all on us, because we take our reputation and our clients' satisfaction very seriously. And that’s just scratching the surface, because not only do we keep the technologies updated, we take care of the maintenance and security of your website too. Now, if those are not reasons enough to choose us, we don’t know what is.

How to get
a free website?

Supersites offers free websites (Supported by Ads) to help businesses and individuals take their first step to succeed online. Get started by selecting a free website theme and signing up.


Professionally designed themes to support a variety of businesses.


Branding and color customizations done by our expert web designers.


Fully featured CMS (Content Management System) to manage the website.


Built-in on page SEO management to help you dominate the search results.


Technical support through Helpdesk to help you with any issues.


Host your free website on a custom domain ( e.g.: yourdomain.com) for $30/month.

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